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    Comments: I met Dr. Hunter Hamilton in the ER at Parkwest Hospital, the afternoon of March 5,2020. I had fallen and fractured my left hip. I had experienced a tremendous amount of pain and loss of mobility with that hip, only to fall when the cane I was using slid out from under me. I was scanned prior to Dr. Hamilton meeting me so he knew what he was facing. A daunting task as a sarcoma tumor was hidden inside my hip; the cause of all my pain. I would have surgery the next morning. After sharing my faith with Dr. Hamilton, he asked if I wanted him to pray with me. Absolutely! The next morning before surgery we prayed again. I was blessed to have Dr. Hamilton on call that day. Surgery was a true success. He skillfully removed the tumor and my partial hip replacement was complete. I was up and walking that afternoon with only incision discomfort. I am an avid walker and he told me I would be back on my treadmill in no time. I am now walking a mile everyday with no pain, and great mobility. I truly believe Dr. Hamilton’s surgical skills saved my life. After 2 CT scans and a PET scan, I am free of any lingering cancer cells.