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    Comments: For the last 3-4 years life was very difficult. I didn’t know what to blame shoes, insoles. Walking was very difficult. The pain prevented me from working. I had to quit working July of 2019. I had a back surgery and the pain continued. I had a Mako Robotic Arm assisted direct anterior right hip arthroplasty and just under three months later the same procedure on the left hip. I cannot describe it any more than it was a blessing. It was a God send that I have prayed for. Both surgeries were excellent. It looks like life will be back to normal for an active 62 year old. I am thankful to all of you and the whole team at TOC. I wish blessings and good health to you all. Life is much better! I got rid of the walker I had in 10 days and am able to walk short distances, for now, without the cane. I am able to do exercises and therapy.